Crimes have been a staple problem in society. The government as strived to eradicate it, but much effort is still needed to accomplish that goal. In order to protect individuals, precautions are put up and defenses are given to those who need it the most.


Arguments with friends, family members and neighbors happen from time to time, it's inevitable. However, there comes a point when these small arguments start to grow big and someone could get hurt. Injuries are common effects of quarrels. In cases of home fights, especially between couples, it may be labeled as domestic violence. But this category also covers different actions like stalking, rape, kidnapping and hitting.


What is domestic violence?


The definition of domestic violence centers on the mental and/or physical abuse directed by one partner to another. The partner doesn't necessarily have to be the husband or wife, they could be a family member and even a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is not limited to only one gender, domestic violence can happen to anyone. The mistreatment includes inflicting physical harm on the partner's body, like bruises, wounds and scratches. Mental and emotional torment, like belittling the partner and constantly telling them that they're useless causes trauma and a form of domestic violence.


Such other treatments that are labeled as domestic violence is withholding access to money, refusing to hand out money for daily necessities, blackmailing for money - using the physical prowess to threaten the partner. Often, these situations causes distress and feelings of terror within the relationship. Check out if you need a professional lawyer.


Who can be charged with the offenses?


There is no limitation to whom this offense can be charged on. Anyone can be charged with abuse when someone is brave enough to voice out the wrongdoing. There will be an intense and detailed investigation to prove the accusation and have justice for the crime committed. The circumstances of the offenses, the date, people involve will be honored in court.


On a guilty verdict, when proven, the accused would face years of jail time, probable probation, and also a large amount of fine. Compensation could also be asked by the offended party, depending on the situation. The outcome of the case is different from one person to another, and the end results vary.


Why do you need a criminal defense lawyer?

Anyone facing a domestic violence case needs a fair legal representation. Seeking counsel on what to do and expect when in the situation will help in overcoming the circumstances faced by the accused. The legal team will assist you in the situation and what possible ways to make things easier. If the allegations are not true or exaggerated, you need an attorney to help you eliminate the consequences. Not all the cases being filed against someone is true, so it is important that a defense team is ready.



To avoid problems like this, walk away from your partner when everything is heated up. Never let it escalate to a higher level. Take deep breaths. When accused of something terrible, contact a lawyer right away. Criminal defense attorney Greenville are always ready to help you in your predicament.